. namibia, rain over fish river canyon

. nepal, kalikandaki valley at 2500 m altitude

. usa, new york, the gates in central park

. photography

While many amateur and professional photographers change to digital photo equipment I still enjoy my non-digital photo gear and I like to capture my view of the world on slide film.

I focus on landscape and close-up photography using my 35 mm Olympus SLR equipment (OM-3 Ti) with the following lenses: 2.0/21, 2.0/35, 1.4/50, 2.0/90, and 2.8/180 mm. The small Ricoh compact camera Gr1v with a 2.8/28 mm lens is often with me on parties and walks.
Photographs of my equipment can be viewed here.

I shoot on colour slides, black-and-white slides, or black-and-white negatives. To present my slides here and in other circumstances I obtain a digital copy using a Konica Minolta Dimagescan Elite 5400 film-scanner.

I have a digital Nikon Coolpix camera to take pictures of my study organisms - insects - in natural history museums and insect collections to take advantage of the instant analysis of the taken photograph and for easily sharing pictures of flies with colleagues.

Stay tuned as I will be expanding this section and also change the photographs shown from time to time ...

. old groins in baltic sea, rostock, germany